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Rynek Starego Miasta Warszawa, rynek Starego Miasta, Warszawa, Polska

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The Mermaid of Warsaw II

A mermaid is a creature that has an upper body of a human female and a fish tail. Her image was represented on the coat of arms of Warsaw already in 1400s. She is one of the symbols of the city and the main character of several legends.

It is believed that there were two mermaid sisters who lived in the Baltic Sea. Someday they came ashore, one of them remained in the area of Copenhagen and the other one swam to the port of Gdańsk. She wanted to reach the source of the Vistula River but decided to rest on the banks of today’s Warsaw. She enjoyed the place so much that she stayed. The fishermen were telling the stories about the amazing creature that they heard singing beautifully on the river. One day they decided to sell her to the prince. They tricked the mermaid and captured her. Fortunately, a young boy helped her escape but she was furious as she just wanted to protect the fishermen and to make their hard work more bearable. The mermaid disappeared but she will return with a sword and a shield when the city happens to be in a great danger.

The statue was constructed in 1855 on the occasion of opening the first water system in Warsaw. The sculpture is by Konstanty Hegel. It survived World War II but was damaged. Through the years it suffered acts of vandalism and eventually was replaced with the copy. The repaired original was transfered to the Museum of Warsaw

Jul 13, 2018
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